HGB Group is a private local Cambodian investment and holding company specializing in automotive, F&B, retail and luxury goods by bringing internationally renowned brands to the country. Now we are looking for dynamic and qualified candidates to fulfill the position:

Customer Relation Officer

 Job Description

• Responsible for meeting and assisting all our guests upon their arrivals, during their visit and departures from the showroom.
• Assists customer efficiently, courteously and professionally.

• Meets and greet all customer upon visit and departure.
• Escorts customer to the allocated lounge and explain the features of Mazda brand and vehicles as well as the facilities
• Maintains regular contacts with the customer.
• Obtains customer feedback on their visit in the showroom. If complaints, takes immediate actions to remedy solutions.
• Records daily activities and complaints in the visitor logbook and informs the respective department heads for immediate actions.
• Assists all customer utilizing the lounge.
• Works closely with the Food and Beverages team especially at the lounge.
• Promote all our outlets and Mazda vehicles any special promotions going on.
• Ensures that all the showroom facilities are in good, organize and clean manner.
• Greets customer upon arrival and bids farewell upon departure.
• Ensures that, whenever possible, customer receive personal recognition.
• Inspects showroom and amenities in good order prior to opening.
• Maintains an active presence in the showroom to greet and assist incoming customers.
• Give courtesy calls and complete the call log for Performance Monitor daily.
• Promotes and sell Mazda vehicle, services and other offering with accurate information.
• Handles customer complaints/ request immediately and follows up thoroughly.

• Understand, respect and communicate company values and culture.
• Maintain yourself respectfully at all times, as you will be reflecting the company.
• Ensure safety in regards to your health at work.
• Showroom property should not be misused and cost saving is necessary.
• Treat your colleagues on all levels with respect.
• Be a contributor to greener environment (save paper / save energy / save water/ etc.)
• Any other areas of instruction, given by your Department Head.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor Degree of Business administration/International Relation or related fields.
• Operational experience especially in Customer Relation or Public Relation
• Good interpersonal and communications skills
• Ability to make coffee, cocktail and sandwich
• Be patient, honesty and hard working
• Ability to work as a team
• Excellent in English
• Be able to work under pressure
• Female only


Job Title Company Name Closing Date
Automotive Mechanical Supervisor Automotive 22-06-2018
Sales Consultant (Chinese Speaking) Automotive 22-06-2018
Workshop Manager Automotive 22-06-2018
Technician Automotive 22-06-2018
Sales Administrator Automotive 22-06-2018
Accountant Automotive 22-06-2018
Sales Consultant Showroom Automotive Industry 22-06-2018
Customer Relations Officer (Urgent) Automotive Industry 22-06-2018
Stock Controller (Spare parts) Automotive Industry 05-06-2018
Sales Showroom for Premium Cars Automotive Industry 22-06-2018
Service Advisor for Motorbike Automotive Industry 22-06-2018
Sales Consultant for Truck Automotive Industry 22-06-2018
Customer Service F&B 22-06-2018
Food-Beverage Operation Manager Food and Beverage 03-06-2018
Supervisor 值班经理 (餐厅) Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
HR&Admin Officer (Chinese Speaking) Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិកទទួលភ្ញៀវ Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិកគ្រឿងផ្សំស៊ុប Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិកផ្នែកលាងចាន Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិកផ្នែកសំអាត Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិកគិតលុយ Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិកបំរើសេវាកម្ម Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
មេក្រុមរត់តុ Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
បុគ្គលិករត់តុ Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
ប្រធានផ្នែកភេសជ្ជៈ Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
មេចុងភៅ Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
ចុងភៅរង Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
Salesman (Food & Beverage) - Urgent Food and Beverage 22-06-2018
Receptionist/Customer Service (Chinese) HGB Food Industry 22-06-2018