HGB Group is a private local Cambodian investment and holding company specializing in automotive, F&B, retail and luxury goods by bringing internationally renowned brands to the country. Now we are looking for dynamic and qualified candidates to fulfill the position:

Assistant to Operation Manager (F&B)

Job Description

  • 确定员工的职责并代表店长的工作,以确保目标得以实现,并始终实现卓越的服务。
Identify and delegate responsibilities to Operation Manager and staff to ensure objectives are met and excellent service is consistently achieved.
• 通过制定计划实施餐饮政策和程序。
Implement restaurant policies and procedures by developing plans and instructing staff.
• 向店长和员工提供指导,以实现餐饮目标。
Provide direction to Operation Manager, and staff to achieve restaurant goals.
• 协助店长和员工,以确定任何问题,疑虑和改进机会。
Assist to Operation Manager and staff to identify any problems, concerns, and opportunities for improvement.
• 向店长和员工提供指导和反馈,并持续评估绩效。
Provide coaching and feedback to Operation Manager and staff and assess performance on and ongoing basis.
• 通过提供高水平的服务创造积极的客户体验,并确保所有员工都能让客人了解他们的需求并超出预期。
Create a positive guest experience by delivering a high level of service and ensuring all staff engage guests to understand their needs and exceed expectations.
• 管理餐厅或食品质量,安全和清洁的标准。
Manage the restaurant to meet or exceed standards in food quality, safety, and cleanliness.
• 监控产品和人工成本,保持目标。
Consistently monitor product and labor costs to remain within goals.
• 征求客人反馈意见,了解客户的需求。
Solicit customer’s feedback to understand the needs and wants of customers.
• 为客人服务原则、培训和教练员工。
Train and coach staff on customer’s services principles and practices.
• 协助新的菜单实施。
Assist in new menu implementation.
• 制定和实施改进领域的创新解决方案。
Develop and implement creative solutions to areas of improvement.

• 协助进行工作人员和每日班前会议。
Assist in conducting staff and daily pre-shift meetings.
• 在人员配备限制要求的情况下,协助餐厅的任何区域。
Assist in any areas of the restaurant when staffing constraints require.
• 确定员工的弱点,并根据需要进行再培训。
Identify employee weaknesses and retrain as necessary.

Job Requirements

  - Good command of using Chinese and English
- Experienced of working in field of F&B
- patient and good leadership
Job Title Company Name Closing Date
Call Center Food & Beverages 30-11-2018
Sale Manager HGB Group 05-11-2018
Sale Supervisor HGB Group 05-11-2018
Sale indoor - Outdoor HGB Group 05-11-2018
Marketing&Disign Executive ( chines speaking ) HGB Group 05-11-2018