Food and Beverages

 HGB Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading food and beverage distributor and retailer of imported quality food and beverage. Apart from managing the consumer goods vertical, the group’s subsidiary, it is responsible for the distribution, marketing and supply chain management for the F&B business.

The company have been operational for 8-years in this field with a matured distribution network and logistics capacity for the import and storage of the various food and beverages it handles. Backed by client’s confidence, the company is the choice supplier of beverages to hotels and resorts, restaurants, cafes and retail stores in Cambodia.

Through focused investments in the supply chain, the subsidiary has developed a good reputation for its storage abilities, competitive pricing, excellent after-sales service and prompt delivery.  

The company has recently made its venture into brining regional and international franchise F&B outlets into the capital – offering a stronger growth potential for the group in the F&B sector.


Ajisen Ramen was founded in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968. Currently, the franchise is represented by over 400 restaurant chains worldwide - offering a wide variety of ramen that caters to customers of all ages. Famous for its rich Tonkotsu soup it captures the essence of traditional home cooking with the fast turnaround required by today’s customers.


Little Sheep Hot Pot Cambodia

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